How to help small businesses in Smithville survive & succeed

For small business owners suddenly deprived of customers, support from patrons can can spell the difference between surviving the pandemic and closing their doors forever. Here are some ways to help make sure your favorite local business is still around when the crisis abates.

Buy a gift card!

Business owners appreciate the gesture both as a sign of customer loyalty and for the immediate infusion of cash gift cards provide. Consider purchasing $25 gift cards to five of your favorite stores for future use. 

Shop local — but online!

Some stores are closed for browsing but open for business. Our shops will ship orders placed through this website anywhere in the U.S.


Place orders over the phone!

You can purchase items over the phone and retrieve them at the store's front door. Keep checking back as we expand this website to include adding photos of inventory items and pricing to our shops' pages.


Order out!

Order food from restaurants that still offer pick-up and delivery services. Shop for other merchandise offered by restaurants such as t-shirts and tumblers. Ask restaurants if they'll consider selling perishable food items they have in stock but may be no longer be available at grocery stores or online retailers. Smithville  is open for business, just in a different way. Let's rally around our shops and restaurants.

Let's shop in Smithville!

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